The Cypress Evolution

When I think of change coming to Cypress (and it already has), I get a little anxious about the added traffic and buildings and everything that goes along with development.  But, having convenient shopping and services nearby certainly cuts down on time and the stress of having to drive from home more than 15-20 minutes.  So, I’ll just try to think about the positive aspects and leave the worrying to someone else.

Several developments underway are the Kroger Marketplace in Fairfield, the Memorial Hermann and Methodist medical complexes at Hwy 290 and Mason and a new Walgreen’s on Mason.  According to the Community Impact newspaper, the Kroger complex will include a dentist office, a dry cleaner and a postal services company.  Negotiations are underway with Russo’s New York Pizzeria (the one at 290 and Hwy 6 was wonderful!), Wendy’s, Vision Source and TH Salon.  Further, according to the Community Impact newspaper, a Super Wal-Mart is going to locate at the corner of where West Road will intersect Fry Road.  And, word is spreading (no source on this one) that there is a small hotel coming in at the Houston Premium Outlet Mall to serve both tourism at the mall and to provide services to patients’ families at the new hospital facilities.

So, what about traffic?  Well, not only do we have the 290 construction to contend with every day of our lives right now, but additional widening and extensions are underway or on the drawing board.  According to the Community Impact newspaper’s interview with Jack Cagle, Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner, traffic counts have been quickly increasing (no kidding!) and the Grand Parkway makes these projects (the widening and extensions) even more urgent.  “I call them ‘rims and spokes’.  Grand Parkway being a rim coming into the region is going to bring a lot of traffic.  We are working very hard to take the small resources we have available and try as strategically as we can to apply them in the best way possible for a magnitude of mobility issues in our area.”  Personally, I cannot wait for the Grand Parkway to open to I-45 to give us another option to reach the Woodlands.  It’s already so nice to be able to get to the Southwest side of town on the southbound side of the Grand Parkway.

Just blink and it will all be finished.  That’s my positive spin.